We believe every stylish ensemble should be beautifully accessorised, and we have an array of exquisitely designed, unique treasures for every look. Explore our inspiring curation of this season's best accessories, featuring eye-catching necklaces, bracelets and luxurious scarves, showcasing an exciting mixture of modern materials and unique designs. 

Here at Sahara, we continue to support independent designers who perfectly complement our own collections, such as Oana MilletSamuel Coraux, Monica Krexa and more.

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  1. Sahara

    Fuchsia Detail Scarf

  2. Sahara

    Fuchsia Detail Scarf

  3. Sahara

    Leaf Print Silk Scarf

  4. Sahara

    Graphic Print Scarf

  5. Sahara

    Colour Detail Silk Scarf

  6. Sahara

    Sequin Embroidered Scarf

  7. Sahara

    Silk Geometric Scarf

  8. Sahara

    Circles Scarf

  9. Sahara

    Duo Colour Scarf

  10. Sahara

    Unique Multi Print Scarf

  11. Sahara

    Verdant Scarf

  12. Sahara

    Colour Detail Silk Scarf

  13. Sahara

    Impressionist Aztec Scarf

  14. Sahara

    Printed Monochrome Scarf

  15. Sahara

    Circle Spot Scarf

  16. Sahara

    Smudged Circle Scarf

  17. Sahara

    Smudged Stripe Scarf

  18. One Hundred Stars

    Willow Print Scarf

  19. Sahara

    Printed Stripe Scarf

  20. One Hundred Stars

    Willow Print Bag


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