Nataraj Collection

The origin of Nataraj Collection's name is as unique as the pieces themselves. The word Nataraja stems from Hinduism whereby Nata, means dance or performance, and Raja, means king or lord.

Designed by creator Laurence Pujol and her daughter in Montpellier, the handcrafting of their striking jewellery takes place in India by local artisans. Intricate threading, weaving and beading secures their sculptural, statement pendants. The brass and bronze pieces are polished to a warm glow and can be worn separately or layered for maximum impact.

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  1. Nataraj Collection

    Tuareg Triple Circle Pendant

  2. Nataraj Collection

    Tuareg Amulet Pendant

  3. Nataraj Collection

    Tuareg Pendant

  4. Nataraj Collection

    Tuareg Circle Pendant


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