A statement scarf is a stylish, easy way to add a chic touch to any outfit. From classic knitted patterns to bold, abstract designs, the latest selection of Sahara scarves includes styles to suit a range of tastes and occasions.

Delicate florals and painterly silk scarves are ideal as a contemporary evening cover-up, whilst a bright snood or wool scarf is a stylish answer to the practicalities of colder climates. With a wide choice of luxurious fabrics and vibrant designs, discover a new favourite accessory here.

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  1. Sahara

    Wool Mix Square Scarf

  2. Sahara

    Embroidered Detail Scarf

  3. Sahara

    Paisley Print Scarf

  4. Sahara

    Square Element Scarf

  5. Sahara

    Jagged Print Silk Scarf

  6. Sahara

    Mini Square Scarf

  7. Sahara

    Graphic Print Scarf

  8. Sahara

    Painterly Block Print Scarf

  9. Sahara

    Patchwork Scarf

  10. Sahara

    Contrasting Stripe Scarf

  11. Sahara

    Poppy Scarf

  12. Sahara

    Graduated Silk Tassel Scarf

  13. Sahara

    Exotic Scarf

  14. Weston

    Merthyr Agate Scarf

  15. Sahara

    Woollen Embroidered Square Scarf

  16. Sahara

    Efflorescent Scarf

  17. Sahara

    Aegean Print Scarf

  18. Sahara

    Jagged Line Silk Scarf

  19. Sahara

    Silk Tassel Scarf

  20. Sahara

    Abstract Swirl Silk Scarf

    £59 £39

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