Privilege wears many guises and pervades almost all areas of modern life. Even 2020, with its global pandemic that should have affected (or infected) us equally, wreaked more damage in BAME communities as a result of racism and discrimination. Support for the BLM movement can include donating to associated charities and anti-racism organisations, committing to further educating ourselves on racial injustice, and buying from Black small-business owners. To help with the latter, we have compiled a round-up of some of our favourite Black-owned UK lifestyle businesses to support.

Liha Beauty

This unique beauty company combines British sensibility with knowledge of African botanicals. Their small-batch, natural, vegan, cruelty and paraben free product line includes luxurious oil blends that can be used in a multitude of ways. Discover this Hackney & Cheltenham based growing business for your next self-care splurge.

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Our Lovely Goods

Explore a selection of handcrafted natural wax candles, botanical skincare and beautiful gift boxes from this family-run business. Each thoughtfully curated item is made by talented Nigerian artisans.

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This luxury hand, bath & body care brand, inspired and made in London by founder Sam Jameson, puts scent at the core of their offering.

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Freya Bramble-Carter

Ceramics Inspired by nature, Freya’s artistic ceramics are one-of-a-kind showpieces for your home. Her limited-edition creations, each crafted by hand in London, make for a stunning thoughtful gift as well.

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La Basketry

Having evolved from an effort to highlight the Senegalese art of basket weaving, La Basketry now offers intricately woven baskets for purchase as well as workshops for learning to craft your own creations.

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Prick London

Prick is London’s first plant emporium dedicated solely to cacti and succulents. The London Hackney-based boutique specialises in low-maintenance plants alongside a stylishly curated selection of accessories.

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Mind the Cork

Cork may seem like a humble and almost-forgotten material, but in the hands of Mind the Cork founder Jenny, its uses and beauty are boundless. Using elevated design and meticulous crafting, cork is now fundamental to your next must-have home accessory.

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Grain and Knot

Sophie Sellu has combined a love of nature, an eye for design and undeniable skill in woodworking to found Grain and Knot. Her hand-carved objects are all crafted from reclaimed and sustainable timber. Keep your eyes peeled for the next collection to land November 8th.

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Round Table Books

Born from a passionate community response and generous crowdfunding, Round Table Books is an inclusive bookshop selling stories for every reader, in the heart of Brixton, London.

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Mind Walk Yoga

Yoga has often been celebrated as a physical practice with a psychological side effect. Mind Walk Yoga’s virtual offering puts mental health at the centre of their philosophy. Expect affordable, inclusive, accessible, digital, and on-demand Yoga services for mental health.

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