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Summer at Sahara

Just like each and every one of us, this summer is unique. We will be embracing the natural beauty from our gardens, embracing each other in spirit and embracing travel through books set in far flung places. The fine linen, airy shapes, and timeless designs of our Summer 2020 collections are here to lift your spirits now and in the future.  Discover the beauty in stillness this summer with our artful prints and fresh hues. 

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  1. Sahara

    Rainbow Stripe Flared Linen Tunic

  2. Sahara

    Rainbow Stripe A-line Linen Skirt

  3. Sahara

    Rainbow Stripe Linen Vest

  4. Sahara

    Patched Check Linen Shirt

  5. Sahara

    Patch Check Sleeveless Linen Dress

  6. Sahara

    Patch Check Pocket Linen Dress

  7. Sahara

    Abstract Flower Jersey Top

  8. Sahara

    Waffle Linen Drape Jacket

  9. Sahara

    Abstract Flower Jersey Dress

  10. Sahara

    Linen Riviera Print Flared Dress

  11. Sahara

    Linen Riviera Print Boxy Top

  12. Sahara

    Linen Riviera Print Shirt

  13. Sahara

    Giant Check Shirt

  14. Sahara

    Giant Check Sleeveless Dress

  15. Sahara

    Linen Sleeveless Pleat Dress

  16. Sahara

    Madras Check Shirt Dress

  17. Sahara

    Organza Linen Step Hem Top

  18. Sahara

    Giant Check Divided Skirt

  19. Sahara

    Giant Check Patched Dress

  20. Sahara

    Linen Dobby Flared Jumpsuit


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